TA Celebrates International Women’s Day [Today and Every Day]

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March 8 is International Women’s Day. And we at ThomasArts are so thrilled to celebrate all women, today and every day of the year.

ThomasArts is a company that actively cares and participates in recognizing female leadership and growth, as well as facilitating an environment that will help overcome women-specific career-related challenges. We’re proud to have many policies in place to help center our female voices (generous maternity leave, flexible hours, WFH allowances, part-time positions available, etc) 

We also have many other initiatives in place to continue our female-friendly efforts. We believe that a company that centers and uplifts women will attract more female talent, help rectify the gender imbalance in the workplace, and create a place where creativity and growth can thrive for all. 


How is TA celebrating International Women’s Day in 2021?

TA has so much in store for female empowerment in 2021, but it begins with a challenging statistic: according to a 2020 report by WalletHub, Utah ranked last place (scoring 25 points out of 100) among all 50 states in women’s equality. We want to make a difference, so TA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee developed “Rise Up the Charts,” a year-long campaign focused on improving the state of women’s equality in Utah.

Throughout 2021 we will organize and produce four targeted service opportunities and educational workshops that serve women across Utah as well as empower the women and men in our TA community to understand, appreciate and value the impact of women’s equality:

  • March – “That’s Not OK,” presented by WeCare, this workshop focuses on educating participants on how to identify abuse, get help, and embrace healthy relationships. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men in the United States will experience abuse or violence in their lifetime, including physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, and psychological abuse.
  • June – Women in the Workplace: Career Development Symposium. Hosted over a video conferencing platform to local and state-wide groups, TA will host career development workshops on resume, cover letter, and interview training, negotiating salary, communication and EQ, and more. Additionally, for those who are local, TA is hosting a Career Clothing Drive to collect and donate professional attire, including suits, dresses, shoes, undergarments, and jewelry.
  • August – “Embodying Unconscious Bias,” presented by Energize Your Voice, this workshop will educate the TA community on the power of self-advocacy (and finding/using your voice in the workplace) as well as advocating for others. Through their Buy 1 Give 1 initiative, Energize Your Voice will donate a workshop to a local women’s civic or service group or NPO. When you raise a woman’s confidence, she is unstoppable.
  • December – Holiday Toy Drive with Local Women’s Shelters. Collaborating with WeCare, our TA community will continue as it’s done in the past by donating generously and providing a happy holiday season to those who often go without. Depending on the status of COVID, TA will host a holiday party at one of the shelters with food, music, makeup artists, hairstylists, and maybe even a visit from old St. Nick.
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March 8, 2021by TA

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