diversity + inclusion

Knowledge and know-how. this is what we live for.

e pluribus TA.

At TA we do not see diversity as a mere federal mandate to be perfunctorily rubber stamped. We see it as an opportunity. One that enables us to create a broader, smarter, more culturally rich and creative agency environment. Meaning, TA does not invite diversity to simply meet a legal requirement and definition. We enthusiastically pursue diversity of every kind because we’re convinced it makes us better at what we do. Read for yourself how diversity is represented at TA.

LarryGroup Account Director

“Everyone treats everyone else the same regardless of race, religion, gender or lifestyle.”

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AshleyExecutive Director, Business Development

“They really do want me to succeed personally as well as professionally. And in my experience, that is rare as hell.”

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Gender Diversity


44% Female 56% Male


41% Female


32% Female


62% Female


23% Female
KaelGeneralist, People & Places

“My firm belief that being different is a blessing and strength has emboldened throughout my time at TA.”

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Love Loud

TA is a proud ally of LOVELOUD.

LGBTQ+ youth in unaccepting homes and communities are 8 times more likely to die by suicide and 3 times more likely to engage in risky drug use. 

These stats need to change. TA is allying with LOVELOUD to bring communities and families together to help ignite the vital conversation about what it means to unconditionally love.

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Languages spoken at TA other than English

  • Spanish15
  • French7
  • Portuguese6
  • Russian2
  • Italian2
  • Swedish2
  • German2
  • ASL2
  • Afrikaans2
  • Cantonese1
  • Hmong1
  • Chinese1
  • Tagalog1
  • Czech1
  • Polish1
  • Hungarian1
  • Japanese1

18 Languages Spoken, 43 Bilingual Employees, 4 Trilingual Employees

JonSenior Director, Marketing Automation

“Why have I stayed at TA for 14 years? Because I love the breadth and depth of job opportunities that have come from working here.”

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Race and Ethnicity

87% White | 7% Asian/Pacific Islander
4% Hispanic | 1% Black | 1% Multiracial

TA is a proud supporter of the Women's Leadership Institute's ElevateHER Challenge, committed to elevating the stature of women in business and board rooms.

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