A well-deserved Utah Business Award

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Competition as high as the mountains

You might not always guess at the foot of those massive Wasatch peaks lies a rapidly growing technology sector, multiple corporate headquarters and satellite offices, and a constantly evolving business environment. But a quick stroll through downtown Salt Lake City or Provo immediately reveals an economic network so diverse and active, it’s almost buzzing.

In the midst of all of the entrepreneurial powerhouses, savvy business leaders, and trained corporate heads transplanted from other parts of the country, Utah Business has recognized the talents, efforts, and successes of TA’s very own, Anne Wood, for CXO of the Year.

A testament to years of dedication to the clients

Anne learned early on that when you put the needs of the client first, then almost every other aspect of the business falls into place naturally. Even more importantly, when you approach your clients inquisitively and learn their respective fields of expertise in detail, then it’s possible to anticipate their needs before they even understand them fully.

Anne has turned this into an art form. Her natural proactivity and perseverance have made it possible to time and again cast a vision, work towards it with clients, while always adapting along the way to achieve the desired results. That takes something many other leaders don’t have.

Letting the numbers speak for themselves: a year in review

Due in large part to Anne’s leadership, 2017 proved to be one heck of a year for ThomasARTS. Not only did the company experience 26% growth and record-high profit margins for the past several previous years, but Anne helped secure crucial relationships with Fortune 100 clients that have led to job creation and an increased presence in both east coast offices in New York and Washington D.C. Her company-wide initiatives have also led to significant performance increases in multiple areas for almost every single client.

Whether she’s flying cross-country on the fly, spit balling BIG ideas in client meetings, forming consumer experience driven strategies, or even finding quality time for her children, it’s clear that Anne’s work ethic and knack for the business deserve to be honored with this Utah Business nomination. Congratulations, Anne. We’re so proud of you.

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September 20, 2019by TA

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