Zions Bancorp helps businesses in need

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For many small businesses, the economic turmoil and uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic was devastating. Paycheck Protection Program loans were being issued by the government for small businesses during a time of crisis, but many businesses were not receiving them in a timely manner.


Our client, Zions Bancorp and its affiliates, stepped in to assist small businesses at a critical time to help them receive PPP loans quickly in order to effectively help save hundreds of businesses from failure.

whatwe brought to the table

  • Creative services
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategy & content development
  • Research & insights
  • 498,496 jobs preserved
  • 232,786,310 impressions
  • 674,301 clicks

As an agency we have seen time and time again that brands focus too much on their product or offering in their advertising and do not prioritize reaching their audience adequately in their messaging. Not only did we take an audience-first approach to the messaging but we let our audience do the talking for us, which provided tangible proof of the campaign’s benefits and maximized emotional impact.

Account Director

Zions Bancorp has built a reputation of going above and beyond for their clients. Their branding is centered around authentic storytelling. This campaign played to those strengths by leaning into the heartwarming emotions of these small business.

This storytelling strategy facilitated a deep connection to the customers’ experiences which allowed the audience to draw their own conclusions, instead of explicitly talking about Zions Bancorp’s accomplishments — in other words we wanted to show the positive impact, not just tell. Additionally, this strategy allowed us to demonstrate that Zions Bancorp is a company that stands by their values and brand pillars, especially during times of hardship.

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