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With the exception of the county where they were founded, PacificSource’s brand awareness was low relative to its competitors.


To make PacificSource a household name in its 3-state region, we needed to help set the brand apart from the typical Pacific Northwest approach to health insurance advertising. Bullet points, toll-free numbers and people smiling while fly fishing weren’t going to be enough.

whatwe brought to the table

  • creative services
  • research
  • strategic planning
  • web development
  • 12.2% total lead increase
  • 34.7% phone contact increase
  • 110% landing page visit increased

By creating a visually arresting and humorous campaign that reinforced the brand’s human—as opposed to computer-automated – service—we increased the likelihood that consumers remember and consider enrolling with PacificSource for their health insurance coverage.

Justin Russell

creative director, pacificsource health plans

Breakthrough creative and health care advertising are two phrases you almost never hear uttered in the same sentence. Unless you’re speaking of TA.

The true test for a concept? Its legs. Check out how the PacificSource campaign
rolled out across a variety of assets.

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