the challenge

With a portfolio of products designed for varied audiences, Aetna needed to develop an overarching Medicare brand messaging strategy. In years past, their Medicare messaging was unintentionally siloed across business lines and therefore lacked a cohesive tonality. Simply put, Aetna Medicare was not speaking with one voice.

the solution

We replaced a fragmented, product-led approach with a consumer research-validated consultative “Medicare Solutions” emphasis. The result became Aetna Medicare’s North Star — a single brand voice unifying all business lines. Now, whatever Medicare product you’re interested in, you’ll know that Aetna takes a total approach to health and wellness with plans designed for the whole you — body, mind and spirit

what we brought to the table

  • Strategic planning
  • Creative ideation
  • Creative production
  • User experience



TA developed a Medicare Marketing Playbook to provide direction

on the air

on the road

Aetmed Out Of Home


Aetmed Landing 1
Aetmed Landing 2
Aetmed Landing 3
Aetmed Banner 2
Aetmed Banner 1

and in print.

Aetmed Print 1


Aetmed Print 2


the results

The result was a consistent and cohesive effort across product lines that led to campaign success evidenced by increased AEP leads and sales.

175% improvement in YOY leads
45% decrease in cost per sale
18% exceeded YOY sales goals
142% exceeded AEP lead projections