change the game

the challenge

Our client tasked us with accelerating growth in a highly competitive category.

the solution

Target baby boomers based on attitude, rather than demographic. And do so in a provocative way.

Give customers a personalized, user-friendly online experience.

Test messaging during the Annual Enrollment Period to fine-tune acquisition.

what we brought to the table

  • Creative services
  • Strategic planning
  • Web development
  • Marketing automation



Multiple messaging frameworks:


getting the right message to the right audience.

TA took chances and delivered a successful campaign that looked, felt, and sounded different from the category. They continue to support us toward a larger effort to modernize our marketing approaches to be aligned with the needs and attitudes of our customer. josh arcus aetna client

On our landing pages.

Aetna Landing Big
Aetna Landing 1
Aetna Landing 2
Aetna Landing 3
Aetna Landing 4

Outdoor campaign

Aetna Outdoor Big

And every other stage of the customer journey.

Aetna Banner 1
Aetna Banner 2
Aetna Banner 3
Aetna Banner Vertical 1
Aetna Banner Vertical 2
Aetna Banner Vertical 3
Aetna Banner Big 1

the results

Gave our client new ways to talk with their audience.
And of course, the numbers they can’t live without:

86% lower cost per conversion vs. control
277% increase forecasted in
display engagements
43% video completion rate
201% increase in forecasted
conversions from display