TA Has an Award-Winning Culture, and the Experts Agree

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We are all built by the culture in which we surround ourselves. The culture of our communities has an effect on every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s language and cuisine, or social habits and art, we owe a lot to our culture. And just as the cultures of our communities shape us, so do the culture of where we choose to work. This is why TA has not only spent a considerable amount of time building its business, but also building its culture. Because we know that every investment we make into our culture is an investment in the lives of our employees, and through them, our clients.

This is why TA was honored when we heard that we won not one, but two Comparably Awards celebrating our culture:

  1. Best CEO for Women
  2. Best Companies for Professional Development

TA was chosen for these awards after TA employees filled out an anonymous survey rating their workplace on a 1–10 scale for 20 core culture categories such as Compensation, Leadership, Professional Development, Work-Life Balance, and Perks & Benefits. These answers were then compared amongst answers from other companies of similar size by Comparably. 

These awards come on the heels of other awards recognizing TA’s culture and leadership, including CEO of the Year and 2019 Best Companies to Work For.

“These awards really show what are trying to accomplish with our culture,” said Jana Ball, director of people and learning and development at TA. “We have this amazing culture that we’ve built from the top down. And because of Dave, our CEO, and our leadership team, we’ve been able to build an award-winning culture that people want to be a part of.”

And not just employees enjoy the benefits of this culture, Ball insists. Clients enjoy the benefits of close collaboration and the fruits of professional development. “It’s a win-win-win,” says Ball. 

At TA, our culture is at the center of our core values. We believe that culture drives employees to make decisions that enable their development and better serve our clients. We aim to arm our employees with their best chance of success, by giving them a strong and uplifting culture. If this sounds like the type of work environment you want to be part of, check out our latest job opportunities. We’d love to hear from you!

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August 4, 2020by TA

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