ETL Support Developer and Tester - Farmington, UT

Job Posted:
March 7, 2017

The ETL Support Developer & Tester role will assist the Data Management Team in managing various data sources and data processes.  Their primary responsibility is to help maintain, troubleshoot and modify existing ETL processes and test newly developed processes, using SQL, Talend, and VBA. They will also assist in bringing current process up to current standards by creating and testing Primary Keys, Unique Keys, Indexes, Default Audit Dates, and stored procedures.


• Create SQL testing and monitoring stored procedures to validate data

• Create SQL stored procedures to Insert, Update, Convert, Cleanse, Backup and Delete data

• Create alerts and reports for data inconsistency

• Maintain and ensure integrity of data through SQL transformations, cleansing and constraints

• Perform data cleanup, deduping, and suppressions on data

• Help Analytics team members trace data back through data flows to source

• Create VBA routines to move data files to proper locations

• Create new workflows and scripts to automate repetitive data tasks as projects require

• Work with various teams and various clients on other projects as needed

• Ad Hoc SQL Queries and data exports

• Analyze current data structures Create data constraints such as Unique Keys, Foreign Keys and default values using SQL DDLs

• QA SQL Scripts and Talend ETL Processes

• Other duties as assigned.


• Must be organized and pay attention to detail.

• Must effectively communicate requirements, issues and expectations.

• Be able to work autonomously and be proactive while also working on a team and taking direction

• Must excel at using logical reasoning in solving complex problems

• Must love working in a dynamic fast paced yet fun environment

• A strong sense of urgency

• Must have some combination of the skills below and an eagerness to learn new skills as projects require

• Understanding of relational database principles – data normalization, data types, relations, keys, constraints, stored procedures, DQL, DML, DDL, ETL, OLTP vs OLAP

• Understanding of principles relating to raw data – file types, file encodings, delimiters, line breaks, escape characters, special Unicode characters

• Familiarity with SQL, MySQL, VBA,  Talend Open Studio

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, protected veteran status, and on the basis of disability.


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