Twitter Chat: Immunotherapy and Social Media

Monday, June 2, 2014
Social Media
Twitter Chat: Immunotherapy and Social Media

The article “Is This How We’ll Cure Cancer?” by Matthew Herper of Forbes Magazinekicked off an informational Twitter chat that went viral on May 12. ThomasARTS participated in the live Twitter chat, representing our New York-based client, Cancer Research Institute, by actively participating in the conversation and analyzing data in real time. The most important takeaway we saw? Social media continues to take a more prominent position as a major outlet for immunotherapy — creating original buzz, news and awareness.


During the peak of the Twitter chat, we saw the audience size reach 25,275,285 people worldwide, and content was spread by 67,709,549 people.  Cancer Research Institute content was spread by more than three million people. The power of social media — with an interactive audience and overall reach of this size — is pretty obvious.


As the chat unfolded and numbers were exploding, we felt that the most incredible part of the Twitter chat was our ability to see all of the data and to analyze it in real time. Social data is smart data. By watching and analyzing, we were able to simultaneously optimize content as the chat grew, segmenting new influencers and continuing to push relevant topic content — which all led to conversions on the CRI website. Overall, traffic spiked 10 percent during the event.


Here’s what we knew going in: Social media is a great tool that can take our clients’ conversations to their audiences. And here’s what we know after participating in a viral Twitter chat: It’s not just about content — it’s also about smart, optimized data. The Twitter chat with Forbes allowed us to reach our audience personally, generating organic awareness and ROI that would otherwise take huge amounts of money to achieve. And while the content is what kept the chat going, content is not the future of social media. Rather, we believe the future of social media belongs to real-time social media data analysis and optimization. These are the elements that will lead the charge toward smarter and smarter data, optimized across all marketing silos.  

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