ThomasARTS Multicultural

Friday, March 14, 2014
ThomasARTS Multicultural

Ethnic Americans represent nearly 20 percent of the buying power in the United States as the demographics continue to change over the years. ThomasArts understands the importance of segmenting and marketing to these ethnically diverse groups.


Traditionally, translation services have been seen as just that — straightforward, word-for-word translations. This approach is often counterproductive when the time and money spent to translate do not reach the intended audience. This gap in communication can happen purely because a message that resonates with a native-English speaker might not resonate with someone of a different background due to varying cultural perceptions.

The mission of ThomasArts MultiCultural is to understand and tap into a wide variety of cultures in order to reach them with messages they will understand and be likely to respond to.


ThomasArts MultiCultural has translation capabilities in more than 64 languages and in-house Spanish and French language capabilities. Based on demand, we can provide in-house language capabilities such as Chinese, Korean, German and more. We also have the flexibility to become involved in nationwide projects in any language through any of our three offices and by partnering with local companies when necessary.

Translations Solutions

  • ThomasARTS employs a vast network of accredited linguists to provide translations in every language used in business.
  • Our translators, editors and proofreaders are all native speakers in the target language.
  • We specialize in health care, financial and technology transcreation but have worked in many different industries across the country and understand the unique challenges of regulated industries.
  • ThomasARTS Multicultural establishes custom vocabularies for each client so there is consistency across materials through an entire campaign.

How We Add Value in Any Language

  • Dedicated project managers, engaged throughout the project to manage dates and priorities with care, consistency and a sense of urgency
  • Knowledge of the vital importance of accurate, consistent, quality translations
  • Full, end-to-end marketing services and strategic expertise all under one roof
  • Unparalleled customer service
  • Dedicated resources to manage your high volume of work
  • Accuracy, precision and speed
  • Our promise to provide competitive costs

As an agency of problem solvers, we’re committed to your success!

Alex Guzman

Strategic marketer with expertise in translation and transcreation for the Hispanic and Latin American communities. Experienced leader who provides valuable and relevant insight to clients in reaching broader audiences.

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