The Questions Every Modern Marketing Plan Should Answer: Question #2

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
The Questions Every Modern Marketing Plan Should Answer: Question #2

In my last post, I argued that it’s important to plan for 2015 by asking important questions about the evolving marketing landscape. Here’s the next question you should ask:

QUESTION #2: What are my Key Audience Personas?

While audience personas are not a new concept, they certainly tend to be underutilized or misused by marketers. Having relevant, updated audience personas can go a long way toward modern marketing efficiency.

A persona is a description or hypothetical representation of your ideal client or customer. This concept takes the traditional notion of the target audience to a new level by attaching key characteristics:

Traits: The longstanding core features of the audience

States: The audience state-of-being that qualifies them as a prospect and their views that have the potential to be modified or changed.

Much of the rationale for extending audience segmentation into a persona-based strategy is addressed in Question #1 and the observation that when, where and how a customer receives a message affects its relevance –– not to mention corresponding response.

Identifying the target personas for your products and services allows you to target content and messaging based on common characteristics, needs or problems, in addition to the traditional demographic profile.

Personas help you to put a face on the customer. They reduce the tendency to think of yourself as the customer, and they help guide designers, copywriters and programmers to create more relevant communications and user experiences.

Most importantly, audience personas allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your content and messaging on many of the new, digital channels –– especially social media.

The following are some good resources for including audience personas in your 2015 marketing plan:

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