The Future of Digital Advertising is More Human Than You Think

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
The Future of Digital Advertising is More Human Than You Think

How can an automated process improve the way digital advertising is planned, executed and optimized … and what is programmatic advertising, anyway?


Programmatic advertising is the automation of the buying and selling of desktop display, video and mobile ads using real-time bidding. Programmatic describes how online campaigns are booked, flighted, analyzed and optimized.  


Programmatic is a welcome addition to the way digital planners and buyers do their job. It frees us from the more mundane tasks of issuing insertion orders and managing ad tags and all of the other minutia. But does it take the place of sound strategic planning and razor-focused creative? 


Definitely not.


Programmatic tools can create significant efficiencies in planning and buying, but creative still needs to be strong, and most importantly relevant, as we improve our targeting capabilities. Strategic marketing and media are as critical to the success of programmatic advertising as they are to the success of advertising in general.  

Scott Nelson

Life moves fast and the media landscape continues to change as well. With the focus on the consumer, the purchase journey and relevant engagement , communications planning (marketing, creative, media and social) has never been more exciting. Consumers continue to morph their interactions with brands and the world around them. Strategic planning has become connected planning as we map out how to interact with consumers in both content (social, blogs, native advertising) and contact (video, search, mobile, programmatic in digital and television, radio, print and OOH) strategies. I work with a solid team of seasoned professionals; calibrating strategic media plans for a wide variety of audiences in the healthcare, automotive and financial spaces nationally, regionally and locally. 

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