The Future of Digital Advertising is Here: And It’s a Digital Revolution

Thursday, May 22, 2014
The Future of Digital Advertising is Here: And It’s a Digital Revolution

Many in the industry feel that programmatic advertising is the next generation improvement in the entire planning and buying process. Mike Shields, in a recent Adweek blog post, quotes Eric Bader, CMO at RadiumOne: “The media buying process has completely outstripped human capabilities. We are using millions of fragmented places and data sources. [Programmatic] advertising is about software that is productive in a way humans can’t be.” 


In the same blog, Shields also quotes Allie Kline, CMO of AOL Networks: “Programmatic takes multiple data points and makes decisions [about] what screen an ad should be on, what is the most effective strategy at a given moment and lets you do all the non-manual decisions.”


In this way, programmatic allows for greater efficiency by taking care of certain data points, while leaving us more time to make important decisions — those Kline calls “non-manual.” Perhaps for this very reason, programmatic advertising usage is growing fast.  Last fall, Magna Global estimated that $16.6 billion of all digital media would be transacted programmatically in 2014 and account for close to one third of all display digital media buying globally.


If this is the next big thing, how prepared are you?

Scott Nelson

Life moves fast and the media landscape continues to change as well. With the focus on the consumer, the purchase journey and relevant engagement , communications planning (marketing, creative, media and social) has never been more exciting. Consumers continue to morph their interactions with brands and the world around them. Strategic planning has become connected planning as we map out how to interact with consumers in both content (social, blogs, native advertising) and contact (video, search, mobile, programmatic in digital and television, radio, print and OOH) strategies. I work with a solid team of seasoned professionals; calibrating strategic media plans for a wide variety of audiences in the healthcare, automotive and financial spaces nationally, regionally and locally. 

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