The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads You Never Saw

Friday, February 5, 2016
The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads You Never Saw

The Super Bowl is the biggest day in media, and for an ad agency, it is an event that’s equivalent to the Oscars or Grammys. It’s the time when the industry rallies together to see commercials by some of the best in the business, and then, of course, watch some football in between.

Everyone knows Super Bowl ads are pricey, to say the least. During last year’s Super Bowl, there were 71 national ads in total, each 30-second spot costing $4.5 million. That’s an average of $150,000 per second. Reports say this year an ad will cost a record $5 million.  Mere chump change, right?

But not all companies have to fork out that kind of dough to get a spot during the big game. In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in regional and local ads, which cuts down the cost significantly but also decreases the audience that gets to see the commercials. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the 10 best recent Super Bowl ads you never saw because they were only broadcast regionally. Get ready to lol.

1) Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Bus Ad 2013


 Why it’s the best: You just have to watch it to believe it.

 Company: Old Milwaukee

 Where it aired: Sherman, Texas; Ardmore, Oklahoma; and Glendive, Montana



2) Jamie Casino Ad 2014


Why your life will be changed after watching it: It is truly epic. I mean, how many commercials have you seen with a flaming sledgehammer? You will be able to cross that off your bucket list.

Company: Jamie Casino Injury Attorneys

Where it aired: Savannah, Georgia



 3) Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Field Ad 2012


Why this commercial captivates: Will Ferrell.

Company: Old Milwaukee (they were on a roll this year)

Where it aired: North Platte, Nebraska, of all places.



 4) Budweiser Flash Fans Ad 2012


Why it’s a bold move: It’s a Super Bowl commercial that is all about hockey.

Company: Budweiser

Where it aired: Canada



5) Doritos “Finger Cleaner” Super Bowl Commercial 2014


Why it’s unique: Though it never aired on TV, this commercial gained quite the following on its own thanks to the Internet.

Company: Doritos

Where it aired: Never aired on TV



6) Eat24 Snoop Dog Ad 2015


Why you have to watch it: ‘Cause Snoop Dog, y’all.

Company: Eat24

Where it aired: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, D.C. and Baltimore



7) Dear Kitten: Regarding the Big Game 2015


Why it’s worth watching: Who doesn’t love watching cute cats with a human voice-over narrating their thoughts? Note: This version is longer than the one that appeared on TV.

Company: BuzzFeed and Friskies

Where it aired: In all cat-themed cities (Los Gatos, California; Kitty Hawk, N.C.; and Pawnee City, Nebraska)



8) GEICO Cheesesteak Shuffle 2014


Why you’re going to watch the whole clip: It’s a gecko lizard dancing to an invented shuffle about cheesesteaks. And if you need more cheesesteak shuffle in your life, be sure to check out this amazing music video.

Company: GEICO

Where it aired: Philadelphia area (of course)



9) David Maloney Attorney Super Bowl Ad 2014


Why you would watch another commercial about a lawyer: Because, apparently, ambulances chase him.

Company: David Maloney Personal Injury Attorney

Where it aired: Mobile, Alabama



10) 50 Fund Super Bowl Commercial 2015

Why we’re counting it: You don’t see all commercials, some you listen to. This radio ad is technically the most star-studded Super Bowl commercial ever, with over 30 celebrities adding their voice to support 50 Fund’s philanthropic effort. Can you pick out anyone’s voice?

Company: 50 Fund

Where it aired: Bay Area, California



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