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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Inside Edge
Some Inside Information

“It’s boring.” “It’s too long.” “I just took the test … three times till I passed.”

Sadly these are too often the types of answers that people give when asked about their experience with eLearning. They’re also the types of responses that remind me daily of my own personal battle against training tedium. You see, I write eLearning programs for the insideEDGE team at ThomasARTS, where I’m faced with the challenge of creating projects that connect and captivate learners.

Here’s the problem

Poor starts. Trainers usually begin by organizing content. This might seem like the sensible place to start when creating a training program. But to deliver a memorable educational experience, you can’t just gather information and put words on a page in an attractive format. Pleasant presentation doesn’t deliver what’s really needed.

In our modern, multimedia world, game-savvy learners are looking for something that provides them with an emotional connection. They want training that’s dynamic and lasting. Content might seem like the foundation, but building an eLearning program that really reaches and teaches the trainee requires that you first define the right learning experience — and then combine that with the right content. Meaningful training starts way before a single word hits the page.

We take a different approach

Imaginative ideas. At ThomasARTS, we know that great advertising and great marketing communication — as well as great training — start with big ideas. Big, imaginative ideas that create an emotional connection. This approach is embedded into every ThomasARTS project. And it’s through big ideas that the insideEDGE team is able to create eLearning that is compelling and memorable.

Creative concepts are where good training starts. By bringing the big idea to eLearning, insideEDGE can provide a conceptual framework that allows learners to actually explore and identify with what is being taught.

Why it matters

It affects your bottom line. Companies spend large portions of their budgets defining marketing messaging. This is seen as vital to corporate growth. But those efforts too often leave out employees who directly affect customer perception and company performance.

It’s crucial that employees fully understand — and completely buy into your corporate vision. Effective training serves as a major link in measuring, tracking and improving your bottom line. Employees whom you truly educate about your products or brand will drive improved marketing and sales results today, tomorrow and in the future. 

Tad Henderson

Tad is a Senior Copywriter & Problem Solver for ThomasARTS working for their insideEdge training division. When it comes to writing scripts for all types of training programs, Inside Edge leans on Tad's extensive writing experience. Prior to joining ThomasARTS in January of 2010, Tad was the part-owner of The Learning Concept were he helped create a line of interactive products for children. His interactive CD-ROM, Good Food and Play, received a USDA award for best software project in 2004. With wide experience in writing direct response television ads, radio, print ads, marketing literature and training scenarios, Tad loves helping educate learners in an online environment.

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