Millennial Slang

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
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Millennial Slang

Millennials are the generation that people love to hate. They are frequently found in internet headlines and have had an undeniable presence in popular culture and media. Whether they are the subject of a joke, a fellow passenger on your morning bus ride or one of your own children, you’re not going to be able to avoid them.

Many older generations will describe them as lazy, selfish, unmotivated, spoiled and generally confusing. They feel that millennials have zero work ethic and are far too obsessed with technology. Some don’t understand social media or dating apps, and believe that these evils have taken the place of genuine human interaction. What’s even worse, according to many, is that millennials are passing these traits on to future generations!

Millennials are aware of this, and for the most part they don’t care. They often describe themselves as fleek, dank, prime and fierce — or maybe they just “can’t even” with the older generations. Frankly, they are too busy “throwing shade,” getting “turnt” with their squad or “posting up” on the ‘gram with “bae.”

If you struggled to fully understand the previous paragraph, you are not alone.

One of the things that millennials have become known for is their lingo. Not just the lingo itself, but the ongoing invention of new lingo — what seems to be an effort to keep older generations confused and out of touch. Even though I am a millennial myself, there have certainly been several buzz words that I have struggled to keep up with.

So, in order to bridge the generational gap (one that probably doesn’t warrant bridging) and help to better understand society’s disliked generation, let’s quickly walk through 10 of the most popular millennial slang terms.

1.      “Bae”

This word refers to the person you put “before anyone else.” While it is often used in a romantic sense, it can also be used to describe a best friend or someone you just like a lot. “A night in with Bae is my favorite kind of night.”

2.      “Yassss!”

Often heard at Beyoncé and Lady Gaga concerts, this word is a more vibrant form of “yes” and is used to express extreme excitement and/or approval for something. The “a” sound is crucial. “My new jeans came in the mail and they look great! Yassss!”

3.      “Basic”

This derogatory term is used to describe someone who lacks originality and personality, and who is generally boring. “Did you see her outfit yesterday? Could she be any more basic?”

4.      “Skurt”

No, this is not a trendy way to spell “skirt.” This term refers to someone who anxiously wants to get out or leave a situation. It originates from the sound that a tire makes as someone is speeding away in their car. “Wow, this party got lame really quick. Skurt!”

5.       “Fomo”

This is used when someone experiences the “fear of missing out.” It is often used as an excuse to do or participate in something when there is no other logical reason to do so. “I wasn’t going to go to the bar with friends tonight because of my 10-page essay due tomorrow, but then I experienced some serious fomo and decided to go.”

6.      “Slay”

Not to be taken literally, this word is used when someone does something well or “kills it.” It is a good example of a word that is traditionally negative but is used in a positive way. “I have been studying all day, so I’m totally going to slay the exam tomorrow morning.”

7.      “Netflix and Chill”

This phrase has turned into a verb. It is typically an invite from someone who finds you attractive and doesn’t plan on watching Netflix or chilling at all. Essentially, it’s the modern form of a one night stand. “Do you wanna come over to Netflix and chill later?”

8.      “Woke”

Since staying current is high on the priority list for millennials, they often remind people to “stay woke” and are commonly referring to matters of social and racial justice. “Kylie Jenner’s outfit totally slayed last night, but there’s too much going on in the world to think about that right now. Stay woke!”

9.      “Lit”

Basically, this is a word you use to describe something that is incredibly awesome. “Did you go to Mark’s party on Friday? He had a live DJ, an open bar and a hot tub that fit 20 people. It was lit!”

10.   “Thirsty”

This word goes a lot further than just needing some water. It is used to describe someone who is extremely desperate for attention and is often in regards to one’s romantic or physical companionship. “Jake downloaded Tinder a few weeks ago and has been glued to his phone ever since. That dude is thirsty!”

Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of this article. You now understand millennials a little bit better than you did before. You may even find yourself using some of these “dank” terms here and there. However, if you’ve reached this point and are still as confused by millennials as you were before, perhaps you at least have a greater understanding of why you may dislike millennials so much.

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