How Curiosity Saves the Creative Cat

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
How Curiosity Saves the Creative Cat

Every creative thinker has a childhood triumph they can’t help but carry into adulthood. Mine started with a feral, yet fluffy, alley cat called Cornflake. He’d amble over and circle your legs, rubbing and purring. Then he’d look up with an innocent, green-eyed gaze, begging for just a little attention. So you’d stoop down to pet him, and he’d proceed to scratch the living daylights out of you.

It was a rite of passage — every neighborhood kid had to face Cornflake’s furious ploy. But the next time you saw him, you’d realize that Cornflake was missing his right eye and a bite-sized chunk out of his left ear. The appealing illusion — the sweet cat that wanted a belly scratch — was no more.

As an industry that’s all about creating new experiences, advertising is wrought with Cornflakes. That is, you can’t know the true nature of anything until you get your hands on it. So, my point is: we shouldn’t fear unexplored ideas; we should engage them without expectations.  And this isn’t something our heroic big brother or advertising mentor can just warn us about. You have to learn it for yourself. It’s another rite of passage.

Because the only way to know for certain if an idea really is any good is to boldly scoop it up and fully evaluate its purring possibilities. We creatives have to humbly embrace the Cornflakes to find conceptual solutions worth trusting. 

Katie Tillou

A curious, creativity-craving advertising copywriter who believes that puns are underrated and that 90% of brands are far less consumer-centric than they should be. 

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