Game-Changing Ads

Sunday, February 1, 2015
Game-Changing Ads

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and millions of people will be watching - the best commercials of the year. With the early release of this year’s commercial line-up, we’ve already seen many of the upcoming ads and have our suspicions about which ones will be new fan-favorites. This led us to reflect on Super Bowls past and the iconic ads that “changed the game.” Here are some of our all-time favorites:

Kelly Vernon Creative Director

Apple "1984”

It was when I was starting my carrier. At the time it was different from anything that had been done and changed a product and how people perceived personal computers. It officially only ran once in the super bowl but got so much press and replay that it’s now an icon. It also started the Super Bowl commercial race that we have going on now 30+ years later, because it showed how one very well-conceived commercial placed at the right time can make a huge difference in marketing.


Jeff Olsen Executive Director, Creative Strategy & Account Service

These two are my all-time favorite Super Bowl ads because they struck a strong emotional chord with its audience. Ram Trucks “Farmer”


Apple “Think Different”


John Kinkead Creative Group Lead

This is one of my favorite Super Bowl ads because of the low-cost production and  brilliant memorable on-brand story. Doritos “Time Machine”

Megan Maybee

Content Marketing Strategist at ThomasARTS
Greater Salt Lake City Area
Marketing and Advertising

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