Do Email Campaigns Really Work?

Thursday, May 8, 2014
Email Marketing
Do Email Campaigns Really Work?

In my last post, I enthusiastically pushed all the benefits of drip campaigns. But do they really work? Here’s my perspective:

Marketers make a big mistake when they believe that their email automation software gives them license to repeatedly blast the same promotion over and over again. This email strategy is a deadly amalgam: it’s lazy, boring and ineffective.

And although marketing intuition tells us this sleepy strategy won’t work, knowing what to do instead is difficult to discover. And without answers, marketers lose the opportunity to engage their prospects with education and thoughtful calls to action.

An email-nurturing drip campaign can come to the rescue and replace old habits. When done effectively your prospect feels informed and will, therefore, be able to make better buying decisions. Your prospect is more engaged, and as a result, your business relationship is stronger and much more solid.

Drip campaigns are most commonly used to nurture non-buyers. In other words, they are used to capture a range outside of the target demographic — the outlying audience. But they’ve also been shown to be extremely successful in the upsell process. This is because the emails in a drip campaign are typically educational. They use testimonials, additional products and services that could enhance a current purchase, and strong calls to action that help a prospect move through all stages of the sales cycle.

Here at ThomasARTS, we've seen amazing results with email-nurturing drip campaigns. Our open rates are somewhere around 600 percent higher than standard email open rates, and click-through rates are 1100 percent higher than average. With these stats, it’s not hard to see how every $1 spent on marketing can make you somewhere in the ballpark of $40. That ratio is hard to ignore.

In sum, an email-nurturing drip campaign can transform lukewarm leads into your hottest leads — and drive higher sales. 

Megan Maybee

Content Marketing Strategist at ThomasARTS
Greater Salt Lake City Area
Marketing and Advertising

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