Blog Posts Are the New Native Ad Units

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Social Media
Blog Posts Are the New Native Ad Units

Blogs are making a comeback as content proves to be more and more important to brands both large and small. Case in point, you are reading this article on our new ThomasARTS blog. Brands are using blogs to position themselves as thought leaders in their space and to help increase SEO rankings and back linking. This new love affair with content creation stems from the rise of inbound marketing and the new trend of native advertising, leading the once orphaned blog post to be positioned as a new way to reach prospects and customers by delivering useful, educational information.

Think of blogs as the cornerstone of your house; the interior may change over time but the foundation of the house lasts for years. High-quality blog content can turn into one of a brand’s strongest assets when properly optimized with keywords contributing to the growth of a brand.

Why the Blog Post is the New Native Ad Unit

  1. Blog posts are optimized for organic search
  2. Blog posts act as owned content and can be shared via social media
  3. Blog posts will outlive any one employee
  4. Blog posts attract prospects
  5. Blog posts provide a path to quality lead generation
  6. Blog posts are easy to share via RSS feeds
  7. Grows your opt-in email list
  8. Increases audience engagement through comments
  9. Blog posts attract inbound links
  10. Blog posts increase website and landing page traffic
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