All Under One Roof

Monday, March 3, 2014
Digital Marketing
All Under One Roof

Our CEO, Dave Thomas, set up ThomasARTS to do everything in-house. The agency surrounds clients with everything they need to achieve their own success by offering a full-service agency that allows faster and smarter thinking because all teams within the agency collaborate. Within the industry, most national agencies maintain multiple profit centers that compete directly with each other. Under that model, the profit center that maintains the client relationship has a tendency to withhold opportunities from its other profit centers. At ThomasARTS there is only one profit center, so the agency can simply focus on what is best for the client. The model reaffirms that the client’s best interest is always at the forefront of its marketing strategies.

There are few advertising agencies that have gone from four employees to 100-plus employees in 11 short years, while weathering the worst recession in decades, but ThomasARTS has. Its growth is a testament to the vision, creativity and tough-mindedness of Dave Thomas and his three sons when they launched the agency in January 2003 from Dave’s basement.

Rhett Boyakin

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