5 Advantages for using ThomasARTS for your Paid Search and Digital Marketing

Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Digital Marketing
5 Advantages for using ThomasARTS for your Paid Search and Digital Marketing

ThomasARTS is a premier digital agency with a robust team of certified digital marketers. There are several advantages to working with agencies that are certified in marketing tools, however we’ve identified 5 top advantages to working with ThomasARTS over other marketing agencies for your paid digital media needs:

1. ThomasARTS is a badged Premier Google Agency Partner. What does this mean? ThomasARTS has multiple certified individuals in every area of expertise within the Google-sphere. This includes analysts with Google Analytics certifications, buyers with expertise in display and YouTube and SEM experts with certifications in Adwords Search. Whatever your need, we have an expertise to cover it. This means we understand the entire digital ecosystem and ensure our strategies connect with consumers across channels, and are trackable, driving ROI on behalf of our clients.

2. ThomasARTS is a Google Premier agency, a designation just a fraction of Google Partner agencies can tout. This means we not only walk the walk, but talk the talk. To qualify, agencies are judged quarterly on a combination of ad spend, certifications and campaign performance. ThomasARTS is a Badged Premier Agency in Video, Search, Mobile and Display categories.

3. ThomasARTS is a Google Champion! ThomasARTS was selected as one of just a few agencies to attend the annual Google Partners Summit. ThomasARTS was awarded a seat at the table by achieving excellent results on behalf of our clients. As a Partner Summit attendee, ThomasARTS is privy to insider information on new products and tools available to help our clients.

4. ThomasARTS has a team of Googlers dedicated to our agencies’ (and by extension, our client’s) success. Our ongoing relationship with Google provides access to resources within Google to get advanced research, proprietary competitor and industry insights, and assistance in optimizing campaigns. This is a key advantage versus working with non-Google Premier Partner. This allows ThomasARTS to better provide campaign performance, intelligence and forecasting for our clients, as well as first-access to beta tests and early opportunities before they become available to other advertisers.

5. ThomasARTS is a full-service agency, providing solutions from in-house film production, to data and analytics, marketing automation, traditional media strategy and execution, web development, art creation and more. With everything under one roof, ThomasARTS is more efficient and ensures client expectations are met. With this, changes can be made on a dime and ensures all campaigns are strategically aligned to the larger brand and unifying platform. We execute marketing campaigns through story-telling that connect across platforms, channels and creative to consumers in the micro-moments that matter. In driving end to end marketing campaigns, from strategy, to conceptualization, to execution and optimization, our clients don’t have to needlessly change points of contact, and this allows ThomasARTS to be nimble, media and channel agnostic and put client needs and great results at the forefront.

Jordan Yospe

Experienced in branding and direct response marketing. Expertise includes an array of media, including: Direct Mail, TV, Print, and Outdoor, with particular expertise in Interactive/Digital Marketing (CPM, CPC, CPL, SEO & Social Media) and Radio.

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