Haley Larsen

As a copywriter, I am part of a larger problem-solving team that works to find creative, emotive, and consistent solutions for clients. From health care to resorts, and from social media to radio ads, I am given the opportunity to write from a wide range of rhetorical situations and positions.I have experience writing health care presentations, banner ads, web and print ads, as well as working with a team to develop brand standards, campaign concepts, and innovative avenues for communication.One of the ways I am able to help brands develop is through social media. As a content developer and manager, I write the content that my clients want sent through social--whether that's on a company blog, Twitter profile, Facebook event or company page, or even through unexpected venues like Tumblr. With experience developing and managing the content calendars for multiple clients, I am able to help brands build awareness and credibility through carefully controlled social media writing and scheduling.